NGBN-TV: The New Broadcast Home for A7FL Cincinnati's Thrilling Football Action

by A7FL Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio January 15th – NGBN-TV, the premier connected TV network for men in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, proudly announces its partnership with A7FL Cincinnati for the upcoming season.
This collaboration between NGBN-TV and A7FL Cincinnati brings a unique style of intense, no-helmet, no-pads football to a wider audience, enriching the sports broadcasting landscape.

NGBN-TV, showcases a wide array of programming, including live sports, sports talk, music, documentaries, and talk shows, all tailored to its core demographic. With its emphasis on real issues like mental health and the rising concern of suicide among middle-aged men, NGBN-TV aligns perfectly with A7FL Cincinnati’s mission.

A7FL Cincinnati, a prominent division within the American 7s Football League, has gained popularity for its adrenaline-pumping, no-helmet, no-pads football. The league's unique rules, including a 7-on-7 format on a 100 x 37-yard field, and innovative throw-offs, create a fast-paced and hard-hitting experience. This partnership is set to elevate the visibility of A7FL Cincinnati and bring its unique approach to football to a wider audience.

“As an active duty member of the U.S. Coast Guard, I wholeheartedly support initiatives that tackle the pressing concerns of mental health and suicide among middle-aged men. This partnership goes beyond the game, allowing us to contribute to vital conversations and make a positive impact on society. We look forward to an exciting season ahead, both on the field and in our shared mission to address critical societal issues." Joseph Perez, Owner, A7FL Cincinnati

This partnership promises to offer an exciting blend of high-intensity sports and meaningful social engagement. With NGBN-TV's innovative approach to broadcasting and A7FL Cincinnati's thrilling style of football, audiences are in for a season of unforgettable action and impactful storytelling.

Stay tuned to NGBN-TV for exclusive coverage and updates on A7FL Cincinnati's upcoming season.