Cin City Chaos Dominate Queen City Crush in A7FL Midwest Playoff Opener

by Chris Schreiber

In a highly anticipated showdown, the #1 ranked Cin City Chaos clashed with the #4 ranked Queen City Crush in the first round of the 2024 A7FL Playoffs. The Chaos showcased their dominance once again, securing a commanding 56-12 victory over the Crush.

Leading the charge for the Chaos was their star quarterback, Keno Thomas, who delivered another stellar performance. Thomas orchestrated the offense with precision, threading passes with accuracy and finesse throughout the game. His leadership on the field proved invaluable as he guided the Chaos to an early lead and maintained control throughout the matchup.

However, Thomas wasn't the only standout player for the Chaos. Wide receivers Zay Budda and Phillip Banks proved to be formidable weapons in the passing game, making crucial catches and gaining valuable yardage to keep the offense moving efficiently. Their chemistry with Thomas was evident, as they consistently found openings in the Crush's defense to capitalize on scoring opportunities.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Chaos were relentless in their pursuit of the Crush's quarterback, Tyler Pennington. Pennington, despite his best efforts, struggled to find his rhythm early in the game, throwing four interceptions that the Chaos defense capitalized on. However, Pennington showed resilience and determination, eventually finding his footing later in the game to lead the Crush to some late scoring drives.

Despite the Crush's resurgence in the latter stages of the game, the Chaos had already built a substantial lead that proved insurmountable. With their victory, the Chaos maintain their perfect record, improving to 8-0 on the season.

Looking ahead, the Chaos will face off against the Baltimore Watchmen in the next round of the playoffs. With home-field advantage on their side, the Chaos are poised to continue their dominant run as they aim to secure a spot in the championship game. Fans can expect an electrifying matchup on Sunday, June 9th at 1 pm in Cincinnati as the Chaos look to further solidify their status as title contenders in the A7FL